Great Work

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Great Work

Post by d00m »

Just wanted to say that I fully enjoy my copy of ROS. I hope that the dev-team continues to do excellent work with this project. Keep up the good work! :)
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Post by cmoibenlepro »

+1 :P
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Post by ThePhysicist »

Yes, I agree. I've first seen ROS several month ago and it was far away from what it is now! It is developing faster and faster and there are enhancements every day. When I first installed it, nothing seemed to work and it was crashing after some minutes. Now it works much more stabile and a lot more apps work. Stability, compatiblity and functionality grow very fast now! I think ROS has reached a stage now where it is not only "a nice idea" but a real upcoming OS and people start to be interested in it. Let us spread the word and let all people know about ROS and recruit new developers. I am not really good in programming in C, but I am learning fast and I think there are things, I will be able to enhance. (I am working on an 2k/XP like filemanager for ROS and on an onscreenkeyboard)

Maybe it's time to create an ovation subforum for these posts!

I love ROS and I salute to all ROS devs!
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Post by RandomMe »

Yes, once it reaches a stable level it will be a bomb. I just hope it won't take too long or it might become outdated before it hits its first release.
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