ROS in Linux KVM: no audio, USB chrashes

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ROS in Linux KVM: no audio, USB chrashes

Post by Nostradamus »

Hi all,

I'm trying out ROS and I really like it. The installation was fast and smooth, but I've some trouble using audio and USB. As for audio, I have chosen the ac97 driver and I downloaded the appropriate driver I found in the ROS software manager. Although this driver seems to be for VirtualBox I found a KVM related hint on the web that I should install it and reboot ROS twice. Unfortunately this was not successful. There are no audio devices in the ROS audio settings thus there's no sound.

Regarding USB I'd like to use a USB stick as a thumb drive. I plugged the device, formatted with vfat, into my notebook, installed the appropriate driver (as stated by lsusb) within the Virtual Machine Manager and started the OS. The drive appears in the Explorer, but when I try to select it, the system freezes in window mode or I get a blue screen in full screen mode.

Any hints? Maybe there are some magic command line option to avoid these issues? I only used the Virtual Machine Manager so far.

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Re: ROS in Linux KVM: no audio, USB chrashes

Post by milon »

Hi Nostradamus, and welcome!

What version of ReactOS are you running? There has been a fair bit of USB improvement since version 0.3.15, so I suggest you try the latest Daily Build if you haven't. As of writing, the latest build is 59507.

For audio, try opening the Device Manager and see what it shows for the audio drivers. That may give you a clue about what the problem is. To open the Device Manager, right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager. On a ReactOS installation with no audio driver installed, the audio device ("Multimedia audio device") will be listed under Other Devices and will have a <?> icon.
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