Reactos Update (Was: ReactOS applications needed?)

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Re: Reactos Update (Was: ReactOS applications needed?)

Post by milon »

naums wrote:
An automatic updater would be a wonderful feature, but I just don't see how it is logistically possible.
Here is how: We (or I wrote) write an basic command line program, that calls wget and wgets stuff from the internet. Then the files will be copied over the ReactOS file, before they are loaded. (Note: Windows and ReactOS don't allow overwriting files, while they are open - this is one reason, why I can't go further - I will definitly have a big problem with that)
Err, naums, you totally misread my post. I was talking about an automatic updater for installed software, not the OS itself. If you go back and read my posts, you'll see that I've been in favor of a ROS updater all along.

Also, I think you may have misread Alahndro's post. He was talking about using it from Windows to update ROS on another partition.
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Re: Reactos Update (Was: ReactOS applications needed?)

Post by naums »

I did infact misread your post. Sorry for that.
I thought on that - well not exactly but pretty much like downloading the full iso, unararing it, and extracting it to harddisk within ReactOS. Downloading only files, will have not that big influence on how one's bandwidth is used.
But you misread my post as well ;). I didn't really anser to that - well sort of... but not exactly. So here I go: Upgrade from Windows would be a nice feature, but why stop there? Linux is an even easier platform for doing stuff like this. But the ReactOS Update program was not intended to be running under an other OS than ROS (well the client ;) the server should not run under Ros.). But upgrade from without the os would be a nice and easy thing to do. Someone (tm) could do that.

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