ReactOS Project decision?

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Re: ReactOS Project decision?

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The implementation of 64 bits on ReactOs is harder than 32 bits ? What are the big differences ?

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Re: ReactOS Project decision?

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Treat x64 as a completely different platform. The effort needed to get an OS working on it is equivalent to porting an OS to any other new platform.

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Re: ReactOS Project decision?

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andreas84 wrote:nope here i dont agree. that should be fixed: if the bug is minor it should be easy to fix, if the bug is major it might later affect other programs aswell. the only think i could imagine would be when someone of the programmer hacked windows to make something working. Then ros should not do the same if the program is not needet.
I guess it depends on the hack. If a hack is required and it does not adversely affect security nor other apps, then I see no harm in including it in ROS if the app is popular. There are a number of tiny bugs and other things that have been in Windows for years, yet were never serious nor depended on.

For instance, take the system tray icons. Windows for years limited them to a certain number of colors. This was in 95, 98, ME, 2000, and perhaps others. Yet, you could edit 2-3 bytes in Explorer.exe and increase the number of colors, thus making a number of icons look more realistic if they were drawn with more colors. There wasn't instructions for the version of 2000 I was using, yet I searched for the same code pattern around a similar relative position in the file and apparently found the spot. I then ran the tray icon test tool (should have a gradient in its icon, not a hole in the center), and it worked. Anyway, this is a minor change that makes things more compatible than Windows in that regard.

Then there are things like maximum half-open connections that could use a different default from Windows. While unlimited is a bad idea (remember the worms and DOS attacks around 2000?), ten is too low for normal usage and mainly just generates log entries and gives random connection problems in browsers, particularly with power users. I've patched that before.

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