Abandoned Longhorn - new face of ReactOS?

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Re: Abandoned Longhorn - new face of ReactOS?

Post by kevintrooper »

gabrielilardi wrote:
kevintrooper wrote:I am currently working on a new UI design. I guess I'll post it on here to get feedback. Maybe it has a future in ROS
Giannis is working on themes support, you could try to make a theme for XP, once themes are working in ROS yours could be considered for adoption.
I posted the first draft of the design here:
http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 293#p80292
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Re: Abandoned Longhorn - new face of ReactOS?

Post by SomeGuy »

Since everybody is suggesting how ReactOS should look, here is my quick vote for a nice sane, simple, 9x/NT 4-ish appearance.

But ultimately themes, themes, themes, so everybody can have their way.

Seems a tad early to be worrying about that though. Images come to mind of caveman Ogg designing the first wheel only to be pestered by people about what color it should be. :)
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Re: Abandoned Longhorn - new face of ReactOS?

Post by naums »

I think there will be a theming system or whatever in ReactOS so you guys can just go wild and create lots of senseless stuff, that guys like you will use 5 days and get an other design. Senseless because it is too early to do anything about the design theme. The developers should try to get the Applications working correctly and get the system stable and usable and stuff like that. The Design theme can then be discussed but I think that the standard Windows interface is quite nice. If anything the developer should try to create the aero-style too, because I think it is rendered by your graphics card.

And I like Vista. I think it looks way better than Windows 7. ^^

MfG naums
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Re: Abandoned Longhorn - new face of ReactOS?

Post by Ruby-DOS »

Catch me if I'm wrong but there isn't a need to fight and bicker over one shell when you can have them all. Just give it a customization option. Of the 95 classic GUI, Whistler, Longhorn or any other custom build.
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