can't boot from LiveCD

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can't boot from LiveCD

Post by SmartUnix »

hello ..

i downloaded LiveCD ISO and burn it in CD , and i setting my boot in CDROM .

ReactOS boot without any problem , but when the boot image show the OS freeze and don't move .

what is the solve :(
William Dojinn
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Post by William Dojinn »

I've had the same problem. Boots up fine but right after it says cdrom loaded it seems to hang.
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Re: can't boot from LiveCD

Post by dwyone »

well i've tried the live cd and the osi and can't get it to boot period now i created 4 osi disk two @8kbs persc and 2 and 48kb per sec when i load up fm cpu start up and the pgm starts loading it hangs when it states select a language. in the live os it tells me to choose a partion or create a partition but nothing happens it just go thru the motions if you keep hitting next. but no install.

been trying to run it on an intel celron processro 2 gig's of ram 40 gig hd

can someone help?
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