Bootchart support Reactos is it possable?

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Bootchart support Reactos is it possable?

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Bootchart has been extremely useful for altering what boots where to get higher cpu and disk usage in system startups to equal shorter boot times. Bootchart as also displayed how much of a issue kernel locking defects in Linux has been. There have been a few cases where a few locks were swaped with RCU where like SUSE went from 35 second boot to 25 second boot with no other changes other than kernel lock alterations.

Thinking that boot times is one of the highest complaints about windows. Reactos ok less stuff there but providing a tool to see what drivers and so on are slowing down the boot process would be useful.

Also bootchart is a little more truthful of a compare thinking it stops timing only when the last service is up not when system can be logged into. So the hang time of cpu being fully loaded yet logged in would also show.
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