Which bootsector in "loader" is what?

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Which bootsector in "loader" is what?

Post by steveh »

I have a problem installing "reactos" from the ISO CD in the automatich setup way, though it boots and starts the setup.
Setup not compatible to multiple primary or logical partitions, it fails when creating the boot sector on HDD, and a fresh formated diskette for creating a freeldr diskette is simply ignored (setup insists that the is no diskette in the drive :o)

So I have to manually copy freeldr.sys onto the FAT or FAT32 partition, modify the freeldr.ini from the floppy, and copy a valid bootsector onto the HDD.

For the latter, which *.BIN is good for what?

I found FAT32.BIN, but i think i must copy the 512 first bytes to sector 0, and bytes 513-1024 to sector 14, true?

With FAT.BIN there is a problem. It's not FAT16, but FAT12!!! Where do i find an appropriate boot sector for a FAT16 partition?

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Post by Bast »

FAT.BIN, as you say that it is FAT12, is for floppy disks...

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Post by Gasmann »

If you have WinNT/2000/XP, you can try this.

I don't know how to get a freeldr fat16.bin manually otherwise. :roll:

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