XP look-alike interface?

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Would you like to "keep with the times" by implementing an XP-style interface for ReactOS?

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Post by calande »

Don't be too radical. It doesn't hurt to discuss it ;)
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Post by etko »

Yeah it's discussed over and over, so sit down and code the damn thing :). I am not able to do it and I guess that majority of users here too.
Ensign Joe
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Post by Ensign Joe »

I'd prefer a more serious interface that I think looks a bit colder and more "glassy" like the Royale (Noir) does.
Luna looks so Teletubby-like ;)
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Post by etko »

Hard edges of Windows Classic is the only serius looking interface in windows world. Who really needs all this webby sh*t?

Human mind is able to semantically trace only 7 different colors at max and when you see them together you are pretty overloaded. Most fast paced games you could ever experience are the ones like teris, arkanoid or asteroids. Very small count of conservative colors used. No full blown game can beat them in speed.

Only things worth reimplementing are gradient in widows captions, very decent shadow (that means less wide) under popup menus maybe and fluid animation of SOME widgets which really deserve it.

Those animating widgets are only ComboBoxes and ListBoxes and even on them animation should be used only in very special cases. Animated ToolTips are bullsh*t. When I hower my mouse over the button I want to get help as soon as possible, without ass slow unrolling or fading in. Same for popup menus, whose animation is the stupidest idea ever. I set all my installations to instant pop, becouse it's pop up menu, not fade in menu.

Plus why to try to deceive user that window are not rectangular when they really are?
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Post by LRN »

Corrective Statement: It IS possible to create non-rectangular window. To be precise - any polygonal-shaped window is possible. Sure, Windows still has some rect-typed variables for it, but it will be drawn and handled like non-rectangular.
Though you are right, most 'rounded edges' windows are, essentially, rectangular.
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Post by QD »

StringCheesian wrote:Themeability is good.
I guess this is the most right and complete answer for this time. Keep your time, don't "discuss the tastes".
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Post by meridian.blue »

Why not use Bblean or utbox and slipstream it (if that is possible) if it cannot be a default? The developement is discontinued but it's open source and could be modified. Its floating right click start menu replicates Xp's menu exactly, making it more user friendly. The shell is skinnable, configureable and although SharpE is supported is dramatically faster and more stable. I have used both shells.
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Post by Haos »

I`m not sure what is the point of this discussion. I seriously doubt that we`ll ship ROS with any skinning app.
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Post by z180 »

I think that this discussion should end as haos said but also the reactos
developers (non programmers could also) could add a few new designed system "color themes" to the registry (in win 3.xx they were in control.ini)

This is enough for now and then because reactos wont support xp styles
althoug uxtheme.dll from wine is supplied because they are a bad format design (some open source ui styles have a better style format and use
greyscale bitmaps so thatthe user could change the coloring,ms also use
an improved style format in vista) and the coding behind in the GDI is difficult and reactos explorer dont support xp styles and a style is resident
in ram and limits the free space for programs while a color theme costs no
ram because there is always a structure for system colors loaded and
some color information is also present in the DC of every window and loading a xp style dont shortens the boot process and reactos users want a fast booting os as i read in the forums and reactos developers use their
time to develop code other than ui jewelery stuff .the reactos delopers also used icons from kde and later from the tango project also it needed
a long time before system colour changing via desk.cpl was available .
(before that a user needed to recompile win32k.sys)
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Re: XP look-alike interface?

Post by kevintrooper »

gnu_rocky wrote:Yo:

Alot of people these days use Windows XP. Either because they have to or they are ignorant about Linux. I was thinking if we could get somebody to come up with a "luna" XP GUI skin for ReactOS so as to "keep with the times". I personally couldn't care less if I had such a look and feel to ReactOS. But others who are new to this revolutionary idea of a Windows wannabe might think it a great idea. :) Hopefully, we don't get a letter from Redmond requesting us to shut down or anything. Just some food for thought.

Matthew Nawrocki

By the time Ros 1.0 comes out Win 7 will be out. so maybe even a vista theme? But I think ROS should go with that one design propossed longer time ago
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Post by antisteo »

My Opinion is that they should implement a plugable gui. So I can choose between 2000-Style, Luna and OpenGL rendered Aero.

An other question: Which DLL does window rendering? I would like to manipulate it to a plugable system.
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Post by betaluva »

why lock it? talking doesnt hurt anyone or anything.
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Post by Blackcrack »


betaluva why (i dont lock them, i be only a normal user here) ?
we had the discusion, why more like extended and plugable,
i be totaly agree and conform with antisteo..
but, peoples, wait, it is run rewrite the rosplorer or
explorer in reactos .. if he finish, so can we make more, i think,
it is come more plugable as this one who be in the
actual trunks (bootcd ad livecd)..
take a cup of Tee or Koffee and wait ;) and dont diskuss about it..
this time it is too early to talk about it....

best regards
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Post by z180 »

As blackcrack said it, it is impossible now to add an XP look.

Also almost the same like some posters did would be if I would go to support forum and
post there that ReactOS does not work on my mac and i cant fix
ReactOS for this computer.
EDIT I think that this "I WANT XP(or something very similar)FOR FREE"
thread will soon have more then the 6 pages it has now.
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Post by Haos »

Custom look will be possible with uxtheme. Nothing has to be rewritten, its up to our project to offer XP funcionality even in this matter. I dont suggest listening to Blackrack...
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