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Haos wrote:Mails with other topics in scope, again will be unsolicited and considered as SPAM. Is that clear now?
Of course, but asking a 3rd party software devs to test their works under ROS is a suggestion, IMHO.
Haos wrote:Also, we really could use a "Inform friend about ReactOS" button on our website.
I believe it's too early for this... maybe when we reach the "everyday use" stage.

At the moment I suggest to add a simple "invite-a-developer" PHP script to the ROS CMS.

Here are some "inspiration" links:
  • PHP Tell A Friend
    With this PHP Tell A Friend Script you are able to let visitors recommend your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. This script also includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers.
    The script can only be called from a site that has been added to a white list of referring sites. Additionally you can put one or more fix recipients to the mail template without possibilities of manipulation by a third party. And third you can determine the number of e-mails that a user can send with your form within a fix duration.
  • Free tell-a-friend script - version 2.1
    - Lightweight script
    - Basic form validation rules
    - Easy to configure, there's only two parts - the PHP script itself and the form
    - Allows a visitor to send a recommendation to 3 friends
    - Personalized subject line
    - Notifies you when someone has submitted the recommendation form
    - Sends the URL of the current page in the recommendation email
    - Sends URL of the page recommended in a notification to you
  • CJ SendPage
    This script is very customisable, however you do need a good knowledge of HTML and PHP to include it within your web pages but don't worry if you haven't because it comes with very easy configuration using a stylesheet!
  • Maian Friend
    - Easy to use 'Tell a Friend' script for your website.
    - Lets your visitors send up to 6 recommendations by default. More can be added by editing the template file.
    - Removes duplicate e-mail addresses.
    - Default message gets sent if no comments are entered.
    - Optional 'Thank You' message to visitor.
    - Optional report sent to webmaster.
    - Captcha code for spam prevention (Optional).
    - E-mail templates.
    - Uses savant template engine.
    (Creative Commons)
...and many others...
Of course, just registered users should use it...
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Don't assume that the notice was regarding you. To warrant a ban requires pissing off basically ALL the developers. Besides, the bans have already been handed out.

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na, na, na, keep cool dudes, we whant all ont Goal !!! Eveloping, Developing
and finishing Reactos, this is the one'st who whant we all and this is the
consens.. and, we speak about themes who have any other see, right,
so be go cool and try tink cool about this theme ;)

and, Dont crash this Tread to go to closet this one...
was be not realy fine !! :) oky ;)

it is enough what the "Interop Vendor Alliance" do, whe dont mus
it us cracked us brane's, Dude's .. god verdammid :evil:

also, again.. it shod give 10 Gebot's how it have God give us.. but at first shold stand.. :

1. "Dont take the hands of "Interop Vendor Alliance" !!"
2. "the Good of Programming be the Users and not a Allianse or Factory"
3. "The User ......"
and furter.. :twisted:

humm.. i had see manny thinks at last times... humm.. oky, furter,
anyone shold, if have fun on it, make a newsletter, testing
Rosversions and make news about and so furter..
how Haos have see it ;)

and now u are's :)

manny nice greetings

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