Quick question about ReactX

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Quick question about ReactX

Post by netro »

Will the ReactX project support DirectX 9.0 and/or DirectX10?
I believe Falling Leaf Systems Alky Project (http://www.fallingleafsystems.com/) has implemented DX10 into XP and is working on a port for linux. Unfortunately, from what I know they moved the project to closed source but I'm not certain. What kind of implementation of DirectX will initially be supported for ReactOs? :)

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Post by Reacter »

ReactX has been feverishly worked on by Magnus Olsen (GreatLord), and it is planned to have an initial ~DX8 or so (I think) release in 0.3.4, our next planned release.
It will support some DX apps, and GreatLord is always improving ReactX, it is for sure that ReactOS will not be long behind. I hope this answers your questions!
More ReactOS, please!

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Post by GreatLord »

The alky project is basic simple dx10 api they implement
it is basic same api as dx9 need.

and ms have relase a beta version of dx10 to winxp and higher it was never annosoen for public but it was avail to download it was hidden in a dxsdk I do not rember wich dxsdk it was in.

ReactOS directx support, have I wrote allot of, but I should never come so far with help from, filip, w3seek, Christoph_vW, DrFred, GvG, tamlin (mike nordell), Alex ion. All of them have help with diffent knlogews and help me keep in right track. Then our project leader wanted me change from win 2k desgin to win 2k3 desgin of dx. that have been done. It was help with jimtabor student that document sime part and give it to public the info. I already known it. I did it after they public it and at our project leader request. So it will keep bit longer until the support are finish in win32k.sys and dxg.sys.

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Post by netro »

Thanks for the good answers.
Replies were fast. :D

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Post by MadWolf »


i have done a bit of research into the Falling Leaf Systems Alky Project and what i found makes me think that that project is Vaporware http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporware and if they do release it is more than likely it is going to be crap

i am going to look in to the dx10 for xp

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