Best VM Setup?

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Best VM Setup?

Post by Lindy »

Whats the best setup to use with VMWare? I've been having problems trying to get VMWare tools setup. The install goes O.K., but when I go to install the VMWare tools I keep getting the message that "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. You will need to power off or reset the virtual machine at this point." once in a while I've been getting a BSOD during bootup that looks a lot like a MCE (imagine that, a VM with a fried CPU! :-) )

The particulars:
ReactOS ver. 0.3.3
VMWare Workstation ACE Edition Ver. 6.0.0

Host system:Windows XP Pro x64 running on a AMD64 3500+, 2gig ram

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Post by nodtveidt »

I am also getting that message in vmware 5.0. I have the guest OS set for "Windows NT". It starts to install, then the CPU dies. I would use the vmware version but it's not optimal (I pre-allocate disk space, 8GB in this case). If it was done before though, it can be done again. Anyone have any good leads?
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