Text rasterization using horizonal sub-pixel accuracy

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Text rasterization using horizonal sub-pixel accuracy

Post by pvanlogchem »

Hi there, I really wouldn't know where to dump this other than here;

Here's an article by Maxim Shemanarev about "Texts Rasterization Exposures", 'An attempt to improve text rasterization algorithms using only publicly available information'.

In it, he discusses better ways to render fonts - something Windows itself doesn't seem to be very good at; He offers better rendering algorithms, which would improve the visual quality of rendered text. Please read it, it's a very informative and enlighting read.

Hopefully this helps someone here to improve ReactOS even more?!

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Post by .aart3k »

polish guy :) (or at last using polish ubuntu)

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Post by dreams »

Nice find! Interesting to read.

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Very nice find... I may have to blog that. ;)

Post by bobsobol »

I was very impressed with the articles, and especially his demo renderers at the end... I'm not sure how the would work under ROS but when he says they are slow... the last time I saw text being manipulated that fast on screen was under BeOS... okay, my PC was slower then and it was a little smoother... but my present PC is over 3 years old.

I'd like to make a play for this... and I'd also like to see some separation of projects, and their re-integration into Microsofts' offerings.

I'm told (for example) that ROS Explorer works far better in Windows than in ROS... I have to disagree on that point, but the Calculator, TList.exe and RegEdit.exe work superbly on Windows and are very good alternatives to Microsofts Offerings... I don't think Notepad.exe or Notepad32.exe will put me off Notepad2.exe and many others may still want to stick to MetaPad... but it's an idea, that will give more publicity to the ROS project and it's ultimate goal. (a Win32 OS by the people, for the people)

I already replace many of the standard components... shell, text editor, calculator etc... most of my command line work is done using tools from GNU-Win32 and similar projects...

As you (we users) reach the point where most of the Windows OS has been replaced by ReactOS projects and GNU components, why bother buying the black box that is the next flavour of Microsofts OS when you could just switch to a clear open source OS where the users have some real say in their OS, can vote with their feet, and re-write the bits they don't like.

How would you do that with FreeType or other ROS OSS rasteriser? Could I suggest packaging the existing ROS GDI32.DLL as APIHook package for existing NT Operating Systems (TextOutA / TextOutW et el)?

If it's not (and I think it is, and will be more so if some of these algorithms are implemented) better than ClearType™... it would defiantly improve on the font rendering of NT4 and Win2K systems, many of which are still in use as public access workstations and terminal services clients. ^^

To that end... I'd love to see a "Sub Project" section on the website, where people can download, use, try out and fall in love with; various parts of the ReactOS project which can be distributed as add-ons / replacements to other Win32 systems.

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