The ROS filesystem hierarchy

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The ROS filesystem hierarchy

Post by maniacpc »

Hi everyone,

I've been reading and checking for latest news since i know that ROs exists, this is my first post for an idea that could be good.

Since ROs project it's appointed to be the great solution for migrating windows and supporting drivers and been working hand-to-hand with wine, i think that for better non-linux user migration could be possible it's that the hierarchy of the file system could be not so complicated for a linux total newbie user ... I'd read a lot about distributions to make this "migration" easier, and a good point like the distro GoboLinux ( its that redefines the entire filesystem without loosing the unix legacy through mapping of traditional paths.

Maybe this could be a good idea, and maybe not ... I think i have to read the comments now :-)
Excuse my poor english

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Post by Haos »

I`m not sure if i understand you correctly... we work with wine on Windows internals research. We take the dll`s they have already coded. We also cooperate with researching dx10.

ROS is not LINUX! We are cloning whole system. Ros is using a typical Windows hierarchy and this will not change.

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Post by Z98 »

He's bringing up a possible change to the layout of the file system, I'm not sure if he's claiming we're Linux. The example of GoboLinux is kind of the only example of a major alternative file hierarchy.

The idea behind GoboLinux's file system has actually been talked about in ROS, though it degenerated into kjk's wishing for a filesystem/database thing. However, we could not attempt it within our current constraints. A project that attempted to duplicate Singularity might be able to attempt it, but we are trying to duplicate Window's past and present, not it's future.

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