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Do you like this mascot?

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Post by ThePhysicist »

What about those options: ;-)
[ external image ]

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Post by gabrielilardi »

hehehehehe, I must agree completely... :lol:

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Post by jason.b.c »

you know you badly misspelled mascot... :lol:

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Post by Switchboy »

jason.b.c wrote:
you know you badly misspelled mascot... :lol:
Not if he was talking dutch... :lol:

If we do a paperclip mascot the animation should be blowing himself te smithereens

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Post by mf »

ThePhysicist wrote:What about those options: ;-)
[ external image ]
It compiles, let's ship it!

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Post by Reacter »

Clippy blows his lid. Working on the next nuclear fusion reacter(no pun on my posting name intended), Clippy forgets to turn on the magnetic coils! 4,000 degree plasma melts Clippy . . . -- A quote from one of my Power Points at school that my teacher seemed to dislike.
More ReactOS, please!

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Post by m.c.april »

In Italian we say mascotte. :lol:
not if he was talking dutch
if he was speaking dutch :lol:

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Post by kevintrooper »

check out the retarded paper clip in this version of windows! (follow the steps)

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Re: Mascot

Post by forart »

m.c.april wrote:I tried to follow kokodin's idea: this is another version :D
[ external image ]
Have you checked the previous mascot 3ad ?

BTW, I rise my idea again:
forart wrote:
i think isit a good thing when we use a flying insect that will be a great parody to the only animal that microsoft have (the msn butterfly)
Yes, the frog can fit this need too: [ external image ]

This animal can be associated with multiple meanings:
1. Disenchantment of OS by being kissed by Open Source community (there's a "prince" in a windows-compatible os, just kiss it) :)
2. Frogs are amphibians, that means adaptability (ReactOS can be ported to other platforms too) 8)
3. Frogs born as a "tadpole" and become a frog through a metamorphosis (Wine -> ReactOS)
4. Multicolor (there are mutch different types of frogs here)
5. Anti-MS (frogs eats butterflies too) :D
6. You can build your own "working" mascot (origami Superfrog)

Last but not least, there's MUTCH material on the net !!! [ external image ]

[ external image ]

Learn more about frogs

Check out this page

Anyway i think we need someone like Joecartoon as designer, he's awesome ! Frog Bender

edit: Frogs can be cute too !!!

[ external image ] [ external image ] [ external image ]

[ external image ] [ external image ]
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In progress we (always) trust.

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Post by m.c.april »

I like frogs but what do you think about this?
[ external image ]

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Post by Haos »

Please... this is OS. OS and Interents are SERIOUS BUSINESS:(

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Post by Phobos »

listen to haos.... mascots are not a good idea, methinks...

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Post by m.c.april »

Why? Are they ugly?

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Post by .aart3k »

everybody conjoins linux with pengoin and freebsd with little devil

but yes, yes, we are super serious

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Post by m.c.april »

we are only trying to contribute...
A lot of people here are not programmers or developers, but we want to help posting our images, wallpapers...
I often said that everyone can change or improve the images i create, according to the open source spirit. I think this is serious...
This is the reason why I opened this poll...

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