Did you guy's steal..?, or is that a rumor..? ( take 2 )

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Did you guy's steal..?, or is that a rumor..? ( take 2 )

Post by jason.b.c »

I was just told something very disturbing , I was told that the react team stole code from microsoft and you got busted , resulting in the need to completely rewrite some parts of react , IS THAT TRUE...?

it is not true.

it started with a smaller fight about 3 line asm code in reactos betwin two reactos devloper and it blow up higher it should. after around 98% invgatestion of whole reactos source code nothing have been found. Then the devloper started his fight show is evendis in osnews in a comment it is about our bootblock it look simluare to ms bootblock or linux or any other os. In our wonderfull world you got 512bytes in sector 0 on a hardisk or disk or other boot media to setup the disk allogmrit, filesystem, and load the kernel. I will say it is tight with space, in reactos we are using 2kb bootblock it is posible with some trix, in the frist 512 bytes and switch to protect mode and load the kernel. if u exaime the frist 512 bytes in reactos bootblock yes they look simuare to ms bootblock or linux or os/2

that all what happen and summer up everhting I think. I will not talk about it any more, and trying forget the whole thing.

If the frist devloper start the fight he should have show us this frist place not wait over one year and show it in a osnews comment. That programers did not have knolgews how bootblock works and how much space u hae play with what I can juge after hand what I have seen.

I will lock this post now so no sparm or troll will go into this tree
Well ok , I really wish you hadn't locked the other thread , I wasn't done yet...!

Why would spammers care...?

Any way , The reason i asked this is because earlier today i was talking on Yahoo to a buddy about ReactOS , He said he had heard about it before just never bothered with it till now , And since he is unable to log into this forum for some reason he went searching the internet for help , As well as asking this other guy we talk to , The other yahoo user said something about this to him , something about how reactos used stolen code from microsoft's products and such...

But for now if you say that isn't so then it isn't so....

But i still don't understand why my thread got locked , Who care's...?

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Post by GreatLord »

every time this subject comes up, it goes trolls in the tree, it is allot about this question in the forum that have been answer by us devlopers and it always endup we need lock the tree.

it is nothing against u,

I whould u check around the forum before u add ask this questions and in osnews.com and in ReactOS news lettesrs and news. and ml list.

allot about have been, and we are leving this distions now for every.

I will lock this tree so it does not come trolls in, we are tryied heard this stuff each week from ppl that does not check the fourm, ml, reactos news, Reactos news letters, and www.osnews.com.

you will found allot about it in thuse source.


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