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Dr. Fred
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mcgogo wrote:Hello,

I am new here but I read this forum and Testing ROS a long time, but when i try to download a last version of ROS 0.3 RC1 with preloaded QEMU my antivirus write a warning message for possible boot virus infection. this message i got at home and at Work too. Can you test the archive with this antivirus. Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
Possible Boot infection virus ... sounds like it recognizes the boot code.
Where do you want ReactOS to go today ?

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Yes but i have problem with downloading. At work we have instaled the antivirus on a server and i can't download the archive. I can't switch off the AV scanner

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when is 3.0 final be released? any dates?

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we do not have a release date,
we need getting 0.3.0rc2 before we can consider 0.3.0 final releae
or it maybe will be one more rc hard to tell

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And when will be released RC-2?

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CATSAVL wrote:And when will be released RC-2?
Plain and simple answer: When it's ready. Not to sound harsh, but the developers (From my POV) do not want a strict time schedule to be set for release dates.

Now, it has been said that RC2 is very close to being released, a matter of days or weeks. Does that mean it will happen? Not necessarily. Just be patient. It will come in time.

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To Coviti
Logically. I will patiently wait.

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I just got an email from Sourceforge that RC-2 got released.

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I use it, and i can intall Java runtime, and Opera 9, and now I am proving new things.

Saludos :D:D

PD: Opera Rulez.

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