Interview with Elrond from SAMBA-TNG

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Interview with Elrond from SAMBA-TNG

Post by Jaix »

SAMBA for ReactOS
This is a short but interesting interview with Elrond the man who ported SAMBA-TNG to Win32. I took the liberty to edit the conversation a little so you don't have to read all stuff.
The interview took place 05-11-09 (Y-M-D)

21:14:43: I wonder about SAMBA-TNG
21:15:04: how well does it run in ROS?
21:15:23: and how much is implemented yet?

21:17:04: What I did: Port the basic libraries and smbclient/rpcclient (client side utilities) to work under win32.
21:17:35: and it is pretty stable?
21:19:40: Well, client side stuff works quite stable.
21:19:02: The 0.3 Network version of ROS is also going to be a reason for us to lift our eyes to SAMBA-TNG...
21:19:29: Yeah.
21:19:37: Have you been running it in ROS or just in Win for testing?
21:20:06: I mostly try windows, but arty used the client side tools to debug the networking, so that seems to work now.
21:20:26: Luke also made the msrpc services run under ros directly.
21:24:15: So if you want to, you can test the client tools from samba-tng. (I really can't, I don't have the time to build up a current ros with networking, etc.)
21:26:05: All of it is in tng's cvs.
21:27:05: I have not commited anything to ros' svn.
21:27:17: okidoki...
21:27:31: Samba-TNG has its own cvs repository.
21:27:49: who is going to insert it in ros svn?
21:27:55: I maintain the win32 port within the normal build tree (which also works on Unix)
21:28:58: Samba-TNG compiles on Unix with native unix tools.
21:29:10: And it compiles for win32.
21:29:26: ok...
21:41:14: With 0.3 and SAMBA-TNG it will be usable for some enthusiasts...

21:41:33: Well, TNG does only give a commandline client tool.
21:41:50: Nobody started to help us create either a freaky explorer plugin nor a real fs driver.
21:42:08: OK... so what do you need...
21:42:56: Someone to help me with that.
21:43:14: I am quite good at getting the server components working some time.

Ok, he would like to have some help with the explorer plugin and the real fs driver, anyone who would like to make a difference, please contact me or Elrond himself.
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Re: Interview with Elrond from SAMBA-TNG

Post by StringCheesian »

Jaix wrote: 21:19:37: Have you been running it in ROS or just in Win for testing?[color]
(should be [/color])

Thanks for the interview - I wish I had the knowledge to help.

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What is the current status pf Samba for ReactOS?

Post by Bond007s »

What is the current status pf Samba for ReactOS?

I only know a little basic C++ but would love to help on my limited time. Perhaps tho there is now somebody else in this forum that could help even more....

Oh, where is there a download for the smbclient tool for Windows. I know it was here somewhere months back. Does anyone remember?

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Post by Saveliy_Tretiakov »

Knowing little basic c++ is not enough to help with Samba on ReactOS. There are many much more simple tasks you can help with.

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