VIDEO: How To Install ReactOS on REAL HARDWARE!

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Re: VIDEO: How To Install ReactOS on REAL HARDWARE!

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Try the daily build, you may have more luck.
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Re: VIDEO: How To Install ReactOS on REAL HARDWARE!

Post by oldman »

matkay wrote: Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:20 pm Thanks for the walk-through - unfortunately for me, 0.4.13 freezes after displaying the language selection(appears to highlight US keyboard).

Any suggestions.
1. Please do not resurrect an old topic (the last post was 2 years ago before yours), but start a fresh one in the relevant forum (for your post it would have been Support).

2. State what hardware you are using or virtual machine.

3. Do not abandon it after the first attempt to install fails; try several times before giving up.

4. Do what dizt3mp3r suggests "Try the daily build, you may have more luck."

With the 0.4.13 release, there is likely to be problems with anything USB related. You should have more luck with a recent build, but if the latest build fails, then go back a revision or two and try again.

The Language Selection always defaults to the US keyboard, it could start neutrally at blank, but that would require some alteration in the code.
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