Hi im new here

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Hi im new here

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Well, this seems kind of odd, i were a loyal windows user for years, but after a time i got tired of windows, then i started looking throught GNU Linux distributions (a problem of my keyboard, i cannot write the slash, or what is it called, i dont know, english is not the best language i speak) and then a friend up on my discord called me and recommended me this, like 2 days ago i think, and i saw this, this is just a awesome OS, like, it manages to run windows applications even not being a linux mimicking windows, when i saw this my mind was like "wow"

This is amazing!
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Re: Hi im new here

Post by dizt3mp3r »

However, it is incomplete and unfinished - Read the ReactOS FAQ in full.
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Re: Hi im new here

Post by florian »

ReactOS is alpha (not even beta) and thus very incomplete & unfinished - Read also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_ ... ycle#Alpha
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