Video: Installing 0.4.12 on Real Hardware

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malada media labs
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Video: Installing 0.4.12 on Real Hardware

Post by malada media labs »

I've done a video of my experimenting with installing React OS 0.4.12 on an old Gateway:

It's actually my 3rd video working with React OS. You folks keep cranking out new versions, I'll keep trying them out on Real Hardware!

I'm hoping to get a debugging logging system working with a serial cable and a spare system. If I get that working I'll put up a video on that.

Keep up the good work!

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Re: Video: Installing 0.4.12 on Real Hardware

Post by tomleem »

You got a lot farther than I have when I try to install ReactOS. I am hoping to - one day - use ReactOS instead of Windows.
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