Logged in as moderator on website?

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Logged in as moderator on website?

Post by MSOSDev »


I opened reactos.org and found I was logged in under an account called Jedi-to-be. Seemed like it was a moderator account.
I clicked logout but got access denied. Same message came up when I clicked add content, view published, new draft, and moderate.
It doesn't seem to be a security issue because of that. Just thought I'd give a heads up.

Don't know how to include image in post, clicked insert image but it didn't work so here is a screenshot link



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Re: Logged in as moderator on website?

Post by justincase »

There is a known issue where on rare occasion the server caches web pages as a logged in user and serves them publicly, this is most likely what happened here. It won't let you see any pages you wouldn't normally be able to see, it's just sending you the html for your current page as it would have been if that user was logged in, when you try to actually do anything as that user it won't work because you're not really logged in as that user, and trying to log out will fail because ... you're not really logged in. Make sense?
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