learnng GIT for windows

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learnng GIT for windows

Post by zecarlos1957 »

I'm trying to create a new "Hello World" project to learn and train working with git.
I created a ssh public key and inserted it into github, but when testing this key in git Bash with this command, I get the following message:

$ ssh git@github.com
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
Hi zecarlos1957! You have successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.
Connection to github.com closed.

What's wrong here? which is not indicated in the tutorial I'm following? Thank you for your help

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Re: learnng GIT for windows

Post by hbelusca »

Some random resources:
https://help.github.com/en (look at the "Getting Started" section)
+ help on IRC / Mattermost reactos channels.

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Re: learnng GIT for windows

Post by middings »

Thank you, hbelusca, for the tips. The change from SVN to Git was a setback for me too.

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