I wondering

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Re: I wondering

Post by EmuandCo »

It's very officicial. Check the description and you even see who is behind it: @vicmarcal
If I or we is right here I can't tell, I prefer the I tbh
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Re: I wondering

Post by hbelusca »

shadowgun1102 wrote:
Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:00 am
Occasionally I sometimes read on twitter and follow certain companies & organizations. However I've noticed this on twitter https://twitter.com/reactos - is this the "official" twitter account or a fake, my reason for thinking this is fake is the fact that who ever is writing the comments on that one is constantly mentioning "i" instead of "we" as in the devs as a whole - who is "i" on the twitter account. Although I myself don't have a twitter account I'm just curious as to who the person is referring to when he/she is mentioning the word "i" is ReactOS foundation operated by one individual or several?
No idea but I see "we"....

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Re: I wondering

Post by PurpleGurl »

Same here. I either see 'we' or no subject noun at all. In just a quick scan, I see no "I" anywhere.

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Re: I wondering

Post by justincase »

Looking through the history of the @ReactOS twitter account visible by continuing to scroll down on www.twitter.com/reactos (I don't have a twitter account, so I can't see any more posts if there are any) most of the times I found the word "I", it was in retweets, and since those aren't originating from the @ReactOS account, they don't count. After ignoring those, there were four posts that said "I". Two of those were statements about "Starcraft I", so that really means one, not me and doesn't count either.

The final remaining two are While conceptually using "I" instead of "we" makes the account look less official, however this doesn't seem to have happened often, and honestly these two instances that I could find of it occurring seem perfectly appropriate, especially considering that the little bio/description of the account states at the end "By @vicmarcal".

I do feel like "By @vicmarcal" should probably be changed though, because it could easily be misinterpreted as meaning that ReactOS is one of those one man projects, and it's made by vicmarcal, when in reality there's a bunch of people involved, and it means that the twitter account is managed by him. Perhaps it should be "Tweets by @vicmarcal" or something like that?
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