updates integration

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updates integration

Post by peterchua96 »


First of all, I would like to express my happiness knowing that there is an open source OS for Windows.

1.) I would like to know if I install the ReactOS and there are new updates to the OS, do I have to uninstall everything and install the latest release?
2.) Do I still need to install anti-virus just like windows?
3.) Finally, this is not one of those virtual machine OS right?

Thank you for your insights. Kudos to the developers and contributors.

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Re: updates integration

Post by dizt3mp3r »

There is not 'yet' an open source Windows replacement. It is still in Alpha, meaning under development and therefore not yet ready for use for anything other than testing.

Do not install it unless you have read the installation instructions - the link is in my signature below.
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Re: updates integration

Post by Reactions »

1. You don't need to reinstall. However, it's not something that can be done within the installed OS. It needs to be done via bootCD. You have to rewrite to a CD disc or burn a new one each time. Unless in VM.

2. If you have an extra license to waste or use a free one, problably not a bad idea.

3. You can use it on real hardware, but I would extremely advise against doing so. Good luck finding drivers that will work. It works much better in a VM.

Do not replace a working OS just to try it. You WILL regret it. Install on a separate disk.

PM me for other questions. I can point you to the right thread need be. Do not ask a side question, otherwise, it will most likely count as spam.
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Re: updates integration

Post by PurpleGurl »

Why would you need an open source OS for Windows? Just run Windows. But I get what you mean, an open source Windows replacement. We are not there yet, but getting there.

1. You could manually copy over files. In that case, you'd need another OS. There is no automated upgrade system, yet.

2. You probably should. Windows compatibility means that even unwanted programs have a chance of running. I'd stick to free versions of AV software for now.

3. Right now, it is most usable on a VM. You can attempt to run it on real hardware, which may or may not run. Just do so at own risk.

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Re: updates integration

Post by MadWolf »

1. ReactOS still in Alpha, meaning it is under development and therefore not yet ready to replace windows
2. ReactOS install has the option to upgrade an existing install but you need to burn a new cd for new releases
3. ReactOS is trying to be compatible with windows software so viruses have a chance to run
4. "Finally, this is not one of those virtual machine OS right?" I do not know what you are asking but at the moment ReactOS runs best using a virtual machine software like virtualbox but you can run ReactOS on real hardware

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