WinUAE on ReactOS

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WinUAE on ReactOS

Post by Whurala »

Today i enjoyed performing WinUAE on ReactOS installed on a Virtual machine (VMWare Player), everything worked with some old versions of WinUAE, the most recent ones did not start probably due to the lack of the software not installed.
I believe some expert seen compatibility could create a direct start of WinUAE through ReactOS, what do you think?

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Re: WinUAE on ReactOS

Post by ThFabba »

I'm not sure I understand your question. However if you mean "would it be possible to fix the bug in ReactOS that prevents newer WinUAE versions from starting" -- it certainly would. We'd just need a high quality bug report for it, and someone would have to find the time to work on it.
Also note that if those newer versions are designed for Windows Vista or later and do not work on XP/2003, then not working in ROS is by design -- for now.

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