Install on hardware

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Install on hardware

Post by GmanTyrone »

Is it safe to install 4.10 on real hardware?

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Re: Install on hardware

Post by EmuandCo »

Depends. If you mean can it kill the hardware... NOPE. If you mean on a productive system together with another OS... NOPE!
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.

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Re: Install on hardware

Post by PurpleGurl »

I agree that it is safe to test on real hardware without hosing the machine itself, but one should not trust it on a system that you have important stuff on already. The filesystem drivers might not be 100% what they need to be, and while it is likely safer than it used to be, there's still the off chance of losing something important. But if you have recent backups or don't care about the system, feel free to test ROS as much as you like.

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Re: Install on hardware

Post by mansfer »

PurpleGurl wrote:
Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:40 pm
hosing the machine itself,
This can only lead to disaster .

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