Problems with visuals / handling registry key

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Problems with visuals / handling registry key

Post by Fraizeraust »

Hi it's me again,

Previously I had posted Issues on code (radio buttons) regarding visual issues with radio buttons. I was not aware ReactOS still uses the old msconfig and NOT msconfig_new therefore I had to re-implement the parts from the previous code. For this instance, I had to create a new thread as well since I got hit by new issues not reflecting the old topic, as usual.

The first problem is related with the visuals. When I click on "Auto Check" dialog box all other dialog boxes are vanished from the main window. Here is an image link to let you understand better what I am talking about:


The second problem is related with the handling of registry keys. In fact, my approach to disable or enable autochk is by means of a dialog in msconfig and using Reg* (Registry functions) to manipulate the autochk registry key. I had my spare time to finish the implementation of the such approach, although with no success. The code compiles just fine but when I try the built msconfig on ReactOS to test the implementation, it does not do nothing when I set "Enable" or "Disable". The registry key remains the same when I check on regedit.

And finally, the third problem, still related with the handling of registry keys. On autochkpage.c (from 44 to 108 line, WM_INITDIALOG respectively) when it initialises the dialog, it must check if autochk is either enabled or disabled depending on the registry key. If the value is as autocheck autochk * then the "Enable" radio button will be always set and checked, and vice versa.

Regarding the registry key, it is of REG_MULTI_SZ type and it resides on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute (BootExecute which holds the value being autocheck autochk * and the like).

Here is the full code -> ... dialog-old

Thank you

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