Plop Boot Manager on ReactOS

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Plop Boot Manager on ReactOS

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Detailed information here:,1840.0.html

Plop developer is adding support to install this tool in ReactOS.We need testing: ...
Patch instructions:

1) Run the batch script "01-freeldr-patch1.bat". This creates the file "c:\boot.ini".

2) Run "InstallToBootMenu.bat" from the Plop Boot Manager "Windows" directory.

3) Run the batch script "02-freeldr-patch2.bat". This creates the file "c:\plop\plpfreeldr.ldr".

4) Open "c:\freeldr.ini" with an editor.

5) Add in the "[Operating Systems]" section the line
PlopBootManager="Plop Boot Manager"

6) Add at the end of the file the lines

7) Save the freeldr.ini file.

8) Optional, if you want, you can remove the dummy file "c:\boot.ini".

Then reboot.

Note: Native loading of the new boot manager from FreeLdr is still on the todo lislist.

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