0.4.4 Testing

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0.4.4 Testing

Post by Z98 »

The RC has been uploaded and the wiki page created: https://reactos.org/wiki/Tests_for_0.4.4

Note that right now the entries are all for 0.4.3. As tests are completed, please make a note indicating that an entry has been vetted for 0.4.4. Otherwise an entry will be assumed to be for 0.4.3.

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Re: 0.4.4 Testing

Post by theuserbl »

Hmm.. on the testing page are some programs, which failed to install and/or run.
But 0.4.4 is still in the development.
Currently 0.4.3 is out.
But at
it looks similar:
7-Zip 15.14 : failed
Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 : failed
Bound Around (Demo): failed
Christmas Bound 1.4: failed
Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard 3.03.0412: failed
.. etc
This are the things in RApps / the Downloader list.

So, why are programs or versions of programs in the ReactOS Downloader, which don't run on ReactOS? :shock: :?:

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Re: 0.4.4 Testing

Post by hbelusca »

Dunno why, but here I can make 7zip work without any problem.

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Re: 0.4.4 Testing

Post by PurpleGurl »

I think there's a typo in this line: "Note that right now the entries are all for 0.4.4." I think Z98 was meaning to say that the entries all started as being for 0.4.3. So it means for those who know any entries to be otherwise true, either newly working or a regression, to change the corresponding entry to match what is now true, and mark that it has been changed.

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Re: 0.4.4 Testing

Post by Jedi-to-be »

probably it is time to cloise this tread

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