KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS

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KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS

Post by Kyle_Katarn »


I'm Kyle_Katarn, CEO and developper at KC Softwares ( http://www.kcsoftwares.com )

I'm currently testing my products in ReactOS, currently with v0.4.2.

Should you be using my products and experience some trouble, please feel free to report and i'll investigate !

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Re: KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS

Post by vicmarcal »

Thanks Kyle!
Feel free to upload here pics of your software working on #ReactOS.
And thanks for contributing with test cases to ease the work of #ReactOS developers and testers. If you feel brave enough i think you wont have issues to even find where the bug is and send us a patch...but tests cases and debuglogs will help for sure.
Hope to see your apps added to Rapps soon :)

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Re: KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS

Post by PurpleGurl »

Yes, if your stuff doesn't work in ReactOS and it works in Windows, then ReactOS likely needs work to get it to work. So if your program doesn't work and it works in Windows XP/2003, then please report it.

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Re: KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS

Post by Murmur »

One advisement is that on the website's download page there are two download versions "Regular" and "Lite". It seems that the Regular version is bundled with a potentially unwanted application (PUA) "RelevantKnowledge".

The Lite version seems to be clear.

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Re: KCSoftwares tests on ReactOS


Always nice to see new people, especially developers, come to ReactOS. Hope you can help with ReactOS too, but I see you have quite a lot of projects on your website, so you probably don't even have the time to help ReactOS.

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