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Re: Reactos Logo

Post by Youtterears » wrote:i hope microsoft has no copyrights on colors :roll:

[ external image ]


created with gimp 2.7.3
i think the colors are already used by google chrome. there are lots of colors to choose from why they choose the same color? i think they need to redo it and think of other colors that are more unique and more fresh in the eyes.
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Re: Reactos Logo

Post by dizt3mp3r »

That is quite nice.
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Re: Reactos Logo

Post by middings »

The suggested logo is interesting. However, I worry that the suggested logo will not be recognizable when used as an icon on the ReactOS desktop or ReactOS Start button. A logo for use with a computer program must scale from very small and low resolution (for use as an icon on a computer screen) to relatively large and high resolution (for use on a full printed page or magazine cover).
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