on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to start"

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on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to start"

Post by Noamboy123 »

hi, i'm running mac os x ei captain and using Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac. whenever I'm given the option to either "Run ReactOS Live CD" or "Install ReactOS" I click "Install ReactOS" and then it says "Userinit failed to start the installer!"

HEILP!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Re: on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to sta

Post by Pi_User5 »

You can't install ReactOS from a LiveCD. It simply does not contain the proper files to do an install. As of right now, ReactOS can not be installed from a LiveCD or any other ReactOS boot media. It's not implemented and it won't be implemented for some time.
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Re: on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to sta

Post by dram »

Then maybe you should remove the button that implies
that it can. Or at least grey-out/disable.

Then thousands of people all over the world won't spend
an hour each trying, getting really pissed off at your OS,
before they give up or find this page.

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Re: on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to sta

Post by EmuandCo »

My reply will be quite direct, just as warning. We currently are alpha quality/status and have way worse stuff to do and fix right now. For example fix the bugs currently make mentioned install from live cd impossible. Or problems with memory management or cache handling of I/O or a way longer list I will not post here now. GUI look and feel is quite secondary and that will stay that way for some time. If there is some bug in there which has a high priority for ppl knowing what alpha status means or make the OS hang reproducible, this is another case of course. Anything else will be made nice and correct when internal core is ready for a GUI showing a polished status. Until then only a compatible internal structure is important.
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Re: on Parallels(mac emulator),I get "userinit failed to sta

Post by dizt3mp3r »

First of all read the installation instructions: https://reactos.org/wiki/Installing_ReactOS
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