ReactOS Custom PE and Safemode

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ReactOS Custom PE and Safemode

Post by zydon »

Has anyone in the community working on this subject?

I guess the Customize PE will be very much closer to LiveCD which is running from memory. Mostly, customized for portable environment that boot from removable media with set of utilities.

While Safemode, a clean environment without services except networking if choose to be used by option. It will be very handy if system recovery option is capable in this mode.

Also lately, a lots of Chinese baytrail Windows tablets below USD150 on the market could used as the future ROS test platform abundantly and cheap.

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Re: ReactOS Custom PE and Safemode

Post by erkinalp »

LiveCD remastering tool will be available when core development stabilises.
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Re: ReactOS Custom PE and Safemode

Post by PurpleGurl »

Sounds like a great idea! We don't have the license encumbrances, and as long as we stay light, then why not a LiveCD ROS distro that's prepacked with open source utilities? That would be very helpful. I have ideas to make that even more helpful:

1. Get an online ROS updater and corrupt file replacer. So if you have a corrupted ROS installation, you could use the live utility CD to update files and replace any corrupt files (like SFC). But if that's not available, then repair or replace from the CD.

2. Create a utility to reregister all ROS files back to the initial settings, maybe as part of a ROS repair tool.

3. For the online repair and updating to work, it would be nice to have a universal network driver.

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