Microsoft released Office OpenXML SDK

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Microsoft released Office OpenXML SDK

Post by erkinalp »

Microsoft open sourced a .NET based SDK for creating and manipulating Office Open XML files under Apache 2 license(unfortunately, GPL2-incompatible). We could use it to make functional Word-like(not WordPad!) word processor if the license were fit.
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Re: Microsoft released Office OpenXML SDK

Post by mrugiero »

IIRC, the license is friendly enough, it's MIT. However, that's not the focus of ReactOS, and going from manipulating documents to a text processor is a long, long way. LibreOffice is likely to use it to validate their own infrastructure for working with Office files, but even they said already they are not likely to directly use the code, as it would imply a massive refactoring for something they already have somewhat working, and they'd need to rewrite it, as they use C++ (and a bit of Java, but only on legacy pieces that nobody wanted to rewrite).

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