Is there anything in Visopsys worth looking into for ROS?

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Is there anything in Visopsys worth looking into for ROS?

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Visopsys information is at This is a one-man show trying to create his own OS that is unlike any other except in the functionality of some of the commandline. But he has overcame a number of hurdles since he started in 1997 that might be worthy of a look.

Snippets from his website:

The primary developer of Visopsys is Andy McLaughlin, a 32 year old programmer originally from Calgary, Canada. A couple of years ago, I moved to London, UK, after a year in Boston and 2 years in San Jose, California. Like many other hobby OS writers, I build Visopsys in my spare time.


The primary goal of Visopsys is to cherry-pick the best ideas from other operating systems, preferably contribute a few new ideas, and hopefully avoid (re-) introducing some of the more annoying elements.


Visopsys supports all variations of FAT filesystem (12, 16, 32/VFAT) as well as read-only EXT2/3 and ISOFS. Upcoming features include support for SATA, SCSI, serial mice, resizing filesystems, and writable EXT2. Ports of the Newlib C library, GNU Binutils and GCC will be available in the future as add-ons.


* Single Pentium (or better) processor
* RAM above 64Mb
* Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)
* System timer chip
* Real-Time Clock (RTC) chip
* Keyboard controller
* Text console IO
* Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller
* Floppy disk drive
* IDE hard disk drive
* VESA 2.0 or greater video card with LFB
* PS2 mouse
* PCI bus devices
* Lance ethernet (AMD PC-NET) network Cards


I'd like to thank the following individuals who contribute (with or without their knowledge) to the success of this project:

* Jonas Zaddach <> has made a number of contributions including early 'Lance' network driver support, the foundations for PCI support, and German keyboard layouts and 'Alt-Gr' key support.
* Davide Airaghi <> provided some initial work on FPU state saves and an Italian keyboard mapping.
* Graeme McLaughlin ( for patiently helping me test many versions of Visopsys.
* Thomas Kreitner for all his testing and interest, and for finding the weird bugs. Only an evil genius would discover some of these things.
* Some icons are adapted from the Noia icons for Windows XP v2.00 Copyright © 2002 Carles Carbonell Bernadó (Carlitus) <>
* Folder icon adapted from Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner's <> "Gorilla" folder icon at
* Some of the descriptions in fcntl.h are Copyright © 1997 The Open Group from ... ntl.h.html
* The values float.h are intelligent guesses based on reconciling the float.h files from Linux and Solaris on i386 machines, and based on the 'Standard C' specification Copyright © 1989-1996 P. J. Plauger and Jim Brodie.
* sqrt.c is Copyright © 1996-2004 Paul Hsieh. Paul's square root page is here:
* Katrin Becker ( at the University of Calgary for helpful advice about free-list management in filesystems. I should have paid more attention in class.
* John Fine (, Alexei A. Founze (, and the rest of the regular contributors to the comp.lang.asm.x86 and alt.os.development newsgroups. Thanks for always taking the time to help people.
* Jerry Coffin ( and Ratko Tomic for posting information about alternate text mode video configurations.


* Ralf Brown's ( indispensable Interrupt List ( ... files.html);
* David Jurgens' HelpPC.
* Frank van Gilluwe's "The Undocumented PC" (Addison-Wesley, ISBN# 0-201-47950-8);
* Tom Shanley's "Protected Mode Software Architecture" (Addison-Wesley/Mindshare ISBN# 0-201-55447-X)
* Lots of other sources, many of them online; See the "OS Dev" page for links.
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Post by GreatLord »

for we got everthing they got and more.

I did forget
ReactOS is runing on intel 486 with 32MB

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Post by witukind »

Wow, if indeed ReactOS runs on a 486 with 32 MBs of RAM, I'm truly impressed. But still it must be quite slow, because Windows 95 on Qemu is run at normal speed even on a P450 as host platform while ReactOS on qemu on faster hardware is several orders of magnitude slower. Well of course ReactOS is NT, which makes a difference. It just needs time to evolve, and if the developers have a minimal target platform such as a 486/32 Mb RAM I can see only good happening.

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Post by Stead »

well i have to say i feel thats incredibly impressive, the disk manager looks quite neat!

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