The Default 640x480 Windows sizes

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Post by witukind »

I think 640x480x16 should be the default just so ReactOS stays on the safe side. The windows really need to fit into 640x480 just not to take up too much screen space. If ReactOS can detect the capabilities of the monitor/video card then a higher resolution might be automatically chosen. When I install Windows XP on my newer computer the default resolution is 1024x768 so I guess they are doing some detection.

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Post by GreatLord »

Mircosoft assume all people using a new monitor that support DDC and a graphic card with 1024x768

For they think if u have a computer runing windows xp u do not using a old monitor. If i rember right now the DDC version 1.1 was offical 1999 but the frist specfiction was release 1993 older monitor and that can not be dectect which reslutions the are supproting. and in reactos we do not have the DDC full or at all implement.

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Another problem is forms will cascade too low on the screen, thus most forms will start half or most of the way off the screen

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Post by GreatLord »

That is no real problem, before any graphice write to the graphic card the drv should/must wait until the update vector have been finish then write to the screen. I have seen alot of old drv on i486 that does not wait until the screen is update. It is not a reactos or windows problem it is often a driver problem (bad driver), in reactos we are waiting on the vector until it is finish. THe update vector that I mentor is call in vbe spec as line scan. waiting until last line have been update.

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GreatLord you most likely know this anyhow

Post by oiaohm »

S3 video cards Some either don't tell that the update vector has passed untill asked or say it has been done early. Or if has not been asked if updated or not respond half way thew the next frame.

Also Mouse pointer fault with S3 cards should render Mouse ponters only some cards do so must fall back to a software pointer.

Basicly there are some crappy cards as well where no matter how good the driver is things will never work right.

Cascade too low on screen hmm yep that is window handling should be able to be fixed.

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