The programing of reactos.

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The programing of reactos.

Post by Lucractius »

Ive started looking at the design behind reactos a little more and ive noticed there seems to be a general dislike of other programing languages.

well.. not dislike, just avoidance, ... highlight=
If you can use that language to write programs for Windows, you can also use it to write programs for ReactOS. However, we won't accept such programs into the SVN repository, so they won't be "official".
I can understand why reactos is predominantly going to be ASM, C and C++ but i feel as if there is a strong disfavour towards non binary tools, or building things for the OS that rely on things other than ASM, C or C++. and while im going to learn C/C++ eventualy (some things just Have to be done :roll: ) i cant help but feel as though those languages may not be the best for some parts of ReactOS, and thought should be put into, under what grounds programs can be added to reactos. I just have the feeling a lot of small little things are going to be neglected or done less than they could, or be harder than they need to be.

Anyways, comments? no im not starting a flame war, im legitimately curious what the opinion/consensus is.

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Post by StringCheesian »

It probably simplifies the build process a lot to have it all in the same language, or languages all supported by a single compiler.

Also, it's probably best to use whatever language(s) the existing (and potential future) developers are familiar with. Code that they can't easily debug/update doesn't do much good.

So as much as I'd love to see some use of D or FreeBASIC, I won't push because I understand why they would want to stick with C/C++/asm.

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