Debugging WINE dll...

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Debugging WINE dll...

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I started playing with the reactos source code (more precisely the explorer source) and done some modification. When I test the new code in Windows XP VS ReactOS, I get different result (control resize problem). My problem seem to come from comctl32.dll which i think is a Wine DLL. My question is how I can debug Wine DLL in ReactOS (Get the output of the TRACE MACRO)?

I got some debug info (Debug output from ntoskrnl and drivers ) when i have tested with VMWARE (SERIAL PORT TO FILE) and REACTOS in debug mode (build with DBG=1 and set /DEBUGPORT=COM1 in the freeldr.ini) but there were no TRACE from comctrl32.dll.
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Post by GvG »

TRACE output is normally surpressed, otherwise you'd get a huge log (information overload). You can enable TRACE output for a source file by adding "#define YDEBUG" at the very top of the file.
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