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Free basic question

Post by NEW2ROS »

Free basic question

witch is the best way
to use an active x ocx in free basic
for react os compatibility

I am making an app in free basic that uses
Active x OCX but i would
like to know the best way to
use ocx in free basic to ensure that
my app will run correctly on ros
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Re: Free basic question

Post by krishnaswami.kaushik »

If you use the freebasic compiler from a more broadly used IDE such as Geany, (instead of FBIDE or FBas Ide) and Glade3 Designer, then the libraries located under the mingw/openwatcomm (gnu gcc) framework should be robust enough to fulfill whatever the vsdotnet provides.
CodeBlocks/Anjuta does not contain for freebasic as one of the choices; but the freebasic project as such also aims to develop more robust to be something like Gambas but in a more platform independent way, except for the following difference: FreeBasic is advanced-implementation of gwbasic in gcc, whereas Gambas resembles (but is not clone) vb reimplemented in gcc -- since Gambas (vb-like) differs from Freebasic (proper advanced-basic) in terms of storing only project-name and class-name, and *.module file instead of *.bas file -- but both obey the same basic language syntax. But both can implement gtk-tookit (fbgtk and gbgtk), and its controls such as pango, which is equivalent to activex and bean, whereas its cairo tool is equivalent to msgdi32 and swing.
Maybe if one can develop a customized ide merging together the Glade3 (and wxGlade) and GEdit/Scintilla with one of these IDEs (i.e. Emacs/Cream+GVim/Geany) like that for Pida (and Spe), then things should be easier.
Otherwise, you may consider the Gambas IDE of Linux as an alternative since gambas and freebasic both implement basic with gtk/wx/qt/forms (win32), etc.
For a still one more way out, we can hope that the Eclipse IDE (glassfish framework) provide a new additional facility in future so as to be made configurable with both freebasic (gtk, wx, qt, form (win32)) as well as jbasic (bean+swing+jfc). In this case the jbasic's bean is a perfect alternative for the activex, this is apart from what is possible from freebasic with other IDEs.
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