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I try to implement the "SPI_SETHIGHCONTRAST"-Case in SystemParametersInfoA() at Desktop.c . To get the whole system in High-Contrast-Colors, I made a second COLORREF, called SysColorsContrast ( bellow the SysColors ). Then i put this code in the case, to change all colors:

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for(i = 0; i < NUM_SYSCOLORS; i++)
					SetSysColors(NUM_SYSCOLORS, &i, &SysColorsContrast);
1. Should there be this second COLORREF or should it be an own theme? (In Windows you get it as a theme, but it's also a accessibility-tool)
2. There should also be an Boolean to detect if the system is in HIGHCONTRAST-mode. But where?
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You should ask about it on #reactos irc channel on or write on ros-dev maillist.
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