Newbie Wine DLL question

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Newbie Wine DLL question

Post by Yayme »

I've been developing under Windows for quite some time and have just recently started using Debian Linux heavily.

I've been trying to get some of my old Windows apps to work under emulated ReactOS and native Wine, but have had some compatibility problems with Wine's DLLs.

Having written apps around these Windows DLLs, I have a pretty good idea of how a lot of functions that I see that are just stubs in the Wine code should work. I'd like to rewrite some functions in these DLLs to make my apps work, but I have two questions before I can start:

1) How do I go about compiling individual files? In the Wine source tree, I see a directory for each DLL's code with the C and Makefiles, however I can't seem to get GCC to compile just that file.

2) How can I submit my patches to ReactOS so that they'll also be included in Wine and help out the community?

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Post by Z98 »

As far as #2, you have to submit directly to Wine. Wine doesn't accept code directly from us and we try to avoid making too many changes to code we import from Wine to make future syncs easier. I'll let someone else answer #1.

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Post by Haos »

As for one, i`d start with dll name, using whole ROS tree and our ROSBE, like:
make ntdll

Used to work for me, at least under Win32.

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