ReactOS and MSDE

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ReactOS and MSDE

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I use my second cpu with Windows Server 2003 for this rerasons
- IIS, Framework 2, ASP.NET development
- NAT server
- MSDE SQL server (or SQL 2005 :) )
- Terminal server

I undestend that 'IIS, Framework 2, ASP.NET development' is Impossible.

If other thing will working I will change os server with React OS.
You have 'Terminal server', 'NAT server'. Is there a way to run "MSDE"

I fear that there aren't drivers of my wireless card, a brand Asus None. ... pp_id=1366
It will be extremely if Delphi can be begun as well. Then My desctop machine will be with ReactOS.... You :)[/url]

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Post by oiaohm »

ASP.NET is not impossible long term. Just have to keep in line with the limitations of mono or pnet.

MSDE that asks a lot of questions thinking it postgresql and mysql integrate better with mono or pnet and don't have 2G limits. Simple question why use a limited product.

IIS replaced with appache and a few others. So that missing is not a issue.

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Post by Nmn »

I highly prefer Linux and Apache solutions over anything Microsoft has to offer for many different situations. I'd also like to point out that its very unlikely Linux will cost more to maintain - A study was done a while ago that only had Linux over Windows in cost in one of there many situations...

Anyways, Making Apache more friendly, perhaps integrated, would be pretty cool... But I suppose if anyone must have a Microsoft-alike architecture for serving, then why not? The only deal is that Mono for any sort of managed code will only slow down ReactOS in progress since it is chasing a fast moving target at a relatively slow (but very reasonable) speed.

Well, I support the path developers take on - I'm pretty sure most users would respect the developers final decision too.
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