Visual C?

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Visual C?

Post by jbennet »

Okay i am a windows developer and was wondeing what the status of MFC was on ReactOS?

I mean, if i were to use the appwizard in VC++ 6 to make a MFC app, would it run nicely on ReactOS?

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Post by Ged »

MFC has nothing to do with the operating system, it's meerly a framework.
When you bundle the mfc dlls with your app, it's no different than any other application.

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Post by Z98 »

At the moment, we don't support it. You'd have to copy over the DLL from Windows or compile the library into your app. Supporting MFC would be a rather big project, as we'd have to write it from scratch. Well, there are other alternatives, but that's the cleanest one.

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Post by Reacter »

Legal, easy, both?
More ReactOS, please!

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