I would like to help.

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I would like to help.

Post by Jay_Walker »

Hello everyone,

Ive been interested in the ReactOS project for some time now, and cant wait to see it mature. I would like to help with development if I can. Im fairly skilled in Visual Basic 6 programming, so I dont think I would be of much help developing the OS itself, but perhaps applications if needed. So, please let me know if there are any applications wanted for ReactOS that I could start working on. If not that, id like to help wherever it is needed (provided I am able :D )

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Post by Mrkaras »

As far a apps go they need to be in C to be made part of reactos, watch does knock out a lot of potential developers but if all language were accepted it could easily become a nightmare to compile the OS. there are possibly some small programs (like calculator for example) that might be suitable to start learning C on. (C's such a horrible language...)Im actually more of a Delphi developer and are in much the same position as you as far as helping reactos. calculator is already taken by the way, and if I do think of any apps I may well try them my self.

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Post by invot »

So I know a little bit of C. How do I get in on this? There is really not much information on the site about how C coders can get started.

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Post by Z98 »


The reason the site itself holds very little information is that the developers aren't documentation writers, and those of us with the time to do documentation work don't necessarily know the ins and outs of the system. Also, if you want to take part in actual development and not just bug fixing, you really do need to talk to the developers on IRC.

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