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I just tested ReactOS' latest development version under QEMU 0.9.0 with -hdb and -hdc options (and -no-kqemu option, since I have no KQEMU) -- all works well. I can browse a drive D: and run programs from it. Do not put many files or very big files to your vdisk directory.
(if i specify -hdb ROS hangs)
i see drive d: in explorer but when i try to open it ROS hangs too
Could you please use option -serial file:serial.log, select ReactOS (Debug) in the loader menu and then look at content of that serial.log file?

Another way to run your *.exe: create/edit an ISO image and use option -cdrom image.iso.

Yet another possibility is to edit your ReactOS.hd file (there is a program for it, just forgot the name).

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how can i select something in the loader menu? i don't see it

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Use checked builds from

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I know that some Delphi compiled programs will run under ROS, at least they did quite a while ago. A long time ago I made the (as far as I know) first screenshot utility for reactos written in Delphi, I'm not sure if this program was the basis of the current screenshot utility now built in but the timing made it look a bit that way.

Delphi apps will not become part of reactos but can be made to run on it with several parts causing you problems, even complex programs are likely to run jut not fully and properly.

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