Porting FUSE(with NTFS write support) to ReactOS.

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Porting FUSE(with NTFS write support) to ReactOS.

Post by FireAlwaysWorks »

I am a computer programmer that is interested in porting FUSE to ReactOS.

Fuse has a HUGE list of really cool file systems:
Everything from GmailFS to NTFS write support.

Fuse has been ported to FreeBSD:
Why not ReactOS?

I know it uses python, but python is a very cool language. I didn't respect python until BitTorrent came out. Also package management systems like gentoo's portage use python. One could also use jython:

I have experience with C/C++ programming as well as multi-threaded design. I have not done any development on ReactOS. I am eager to develop on the ReactOS project and i think this is a good goal. NTFS support was scheduled for the .70 release, but why wait when we can make a splash right now!


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Post by mvent2 »

I think the developers would prefer if you helped with the kernel or Win32k ;) but by all means, contribute what you wish.
The developers don't frequently come here, you should ask about it in the IRC channel.

irc.freenode.net -> #reactos

Thanks for wanting to contribute :D

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Post by Thcrw8383 »

mvent2 is right, the kernel and win32k is MUCH more important at the moment,but the dev's,or any Dev for that matter can port anything to ReactOS that they would like,as long as they know how too...

Personally,i would like to see ReactOS support many FS's as possible,starting with NTFS (many Windows XP users here use that FS) And just think about it,if ReactOS supports more FileSystems,then you can install it on many platforms :lol: it will be a great day for React when this happens :)

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Post by Z98 »

This has been brought up before. The result wasn't pretty and it resulted in the thread being locked.

http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 6&start=15

While the devs don't see anything wrong with the idea in principle, they tend to lean away from porting FUSE since the kernel, Win32, and other parts are still incomplete, and for a long term NTFS solution, they don't see the FUSE as being good enough.

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