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newdev.dll interface

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:35 am
by blackd
Hi all,

Does some one have information about newdev.dll and the way it comunicate with the system when a new device is connected.

So far I know
rundll32.exe newdev.dll,ClientSideInstall \\.\pipe\PNP_Device_Install_Pipe_0.{E2152098-C20F-4457-979C-A23DD8C161BF}
is executed when new device is connected to the system.
the pipe contains

DWORD dataLen
TCHAR[dataLen] eventObjectName something like "Global\PNP_Device_Install_Event_0.{50641202-792A-4BBF-BA16-0E448C57C821}"

So i'am lookgin for information about the other data read from the pipe and what i'am suposed to do with the event object. And information about the other functions of newdev.dll.