Interesting sites about windows internals

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Interesting sites about windows internals

Post by ThePhysicist »

I have found some interesting sites about windows NT internals. Maybe they are interesting for the devs, too. About reverse engeneering, win32 callchains documentation of native API, atm only NTDLL Windows Driver Development, Articles on NT internals, online DDK

Edit: another one about undocumented windows functions: ... mentID=356
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Post by Coviti »

Well, OSR Online is already frequently used by our developers (Our IRC bot has a function to search OSR). The others, I'm not so sure about. However, there are a few books which the developers have recommended which likely cover similar material.

Anyways, it's good to keep looking for new resources. :)

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Post by keytotime »

LOL On some of the functions are documented by:
Tomasz Nowak

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