ntoskrnl extender project

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ntoskrnl extender project

Post by infuscomus »

There is a new project up on github called NTOSKRNL Emu_Extender

It extends the functionality of ntoskrnl to allow drivers written for windows 7/8 to work in windows XP,
I tried it out and can now get generic USB 3.0, AHCI and NVMe working in XP using this extender.

Would there be any interest in developing this further?

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Re: ntoskrnl extender project

Post by hbelusca »

In case you didn't notice, the file wrk2003.c contains copy-pasted code from the WRK, and this is illegal.

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Re: ntoskrnl extender project


We already have AHCI support, we have a xhci driver (usb 3.0), but it's not finished, and for nvme, I would suggest this instead: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nvme-f ... 03-server/

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